Coffee Traders Limited (CTL) is a fully integrated coffee company that was established in 2003 by the Sharp family. The company’s core product is the world-famous specialty coffee – Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM), grown in a specially designated area in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica.  CTL is the largest coffee-roaster in the English-speaking Caribbean. We roast and package 100% JBM and JBM Blends utilising stringent quality standards as per SQF certification.

About our coffee…

  • Our coffee is well loved for its  exquisite balance of aroma, body and acidity, and mellow, sweet aftertaste
  • A Deluxe Citrus and Chocolate Fusion – If you’re fond of dark chocolate, our unique 100% Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica has sweet and nutty hints that will tickle your taste buds.
  • Grown at Ideally High Altitudes – Our coffee beans are grown at an elevation of 4300 feet on the oldest coffee estate in Jamaica, the Clifton Mount Estate. This Grade 1 whole bean coffee is handpicked by skilled local farmers, to provide the highest quality gourmet coffee.
  • Our Premium Coffee Beans are sustainably produced on the fields of our Rainforest Alliance-certified estates. With the welfare of our environment and the communities in mind, we ensure fair and excellent working conditions for our farmers.

To learn more or place your order, please contact or call our offices at 876-969-2326.

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